Below is an alphabetical list of our member publishers.

3Circles Community Publishing – Making Christianity great again.

4RV Publishing – Working with authors, illustrators, editors, and staff to provide quality books.

5 Fold Media – Traditional & Subsidiary: Fiction, nonfiction.

Agape Orthopaedics – Portraying God’s never-ending mercy and grace in our lives.

Alabaster Box Publishing, Inc. – Women’s ministry needs.

Alive Publications – An outreach of Alive Ministries.

Almond Blossom Community – Publisher of creative fiction.

Ambassador International – Impacting lives by magnifying Christ and sharing the Gospel.

Ampelos Press – Strongly, unashamedly, uncompromisingly Christ-centered.

Andrew Ragouzis – Publisher of the “Little Ones at Big Events” series of children’s books.

Armory Publishing Group, LLC – “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.”

Auxano Press LLC – Biblically sound materials on practical Christian living.

Beartruth Collective, LLC – Innovative educational/ministry tools for children.

Bethany L Douglas – Challenging believers to a Christian walk of living intentionally.

Bethel Road Publications – Biblically sound products to lead others to Christ.

Betty J. Harris – Books to encourage, inspire, and educate people in their journey.

Bible Discernments – Bible study & reference materials.

BibleByte Books – Christian books, textbooks and software.

Biblion Publishing LLC – Publisher of a broad range of materials.

BK Royston Publishing – High quality and enjoyable inspirational materials for all ages.

Blood Washed Khaki Publishing – Adventure-based fiction and Bible studies.

Breakthrough Version Publishing – Publishing the Breakthrough Version of the New Testament.

Breath of Fresh Air Press – We love to make people laugh and bless their hearts.

Capture Books – A boutique Christian publishing group providing the best new authors.

Catch The Fire Books – Pubishing life-changing, revivalist print books and ebooks.

Catherine Finger – Telling His truth through powerful stories.

Certa Publishing – Making your publishing dream affordable.

Christian Concepts – Lovingly helping people to be changed by God’s truth.

Christian Concepts for Kids. Inc. – Biblically-accurate publications to help children understand Christianity.

CIS Legacy Books – Addressing the media and communications needs of the church.

Clay Jars Publishing – Inspiring readers to new vision, insight and a desire to live life from God’s point of view.

Clean Reads – Wholesome reading without compromise.

Cornerstone Publishing – Publisher of 365 Life Sentences.

Creative Enterprises Studio – A complete publishing services company.

CREST Publications – Publishers of Baby Bible Board Books™.

Crimson Clover Press – Christian small publisher.

Cross and Salt – Reminding Christians to carry the cross and be the salt.

CrossLink Publishing – Bible studies and devotionals to connect God’s people.

Crossover Publications, LLC – Reaching the world in print.

CrossRiver Media Group – To help readers live a Christian life.

CTM Publishing Atlanta – Rebuilding the foundations of prayer.

The D2 Project, LLC – Sharing solid evidences from archaeology that support the Bible.

D3BJ Publishing – Stories about the scarred people of the Bible.

Davalynn Spencer – A published author gone independent.

Daviwin – Providing high quality Christian content in various media.

db Word Gallery – Books written for a child’s heart.

Deck Prism Publications – Shining a light that helps move people deeper into God’s heart.

Delight in Him Publications – publishing resources that point others to the Truth of the Word of God.

Dennis Kananen – Presenting the Jewishness of Jesus to a gentile church.

Dove Christian Publishers – Exhorting and entertaining Christians who live a vibrant faith.

Earthen Vessel Publishing – Theological & historical research materials.

eLectio Publishing – First Century principles with a Twenty-First Century approach.

Electric Moon Publishing, LLC – Walking with authors through the trenches of publishing.

Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. – “Publishing the Positive.”

Ella’s Pearl Publishing – Sowing the seeds of God’s love in the hearts of children.

Encourage Publishing, LLC – We help you tell your story.

Eshcol Publishing, LLC – service provider and publisher of unapologetically Christian fiction.

Fanatic Publishing – Bringing radically biblical books to the secular market and Christians worldwide.

Fiesta Publishing – Publishing best-selling books that are trumpets for the Lord.

Firebaptized Publishing – High quality books that readers love and authors are proud of.

First Steps Publishing – Taking raw manuscripts and turning them into masterpieces.

Frames of Reference LLC – Instructing Christians in science and current events.

Frances Crossno – Author of Cole’s Perfect Puppy.

Fruitbearer Publishing LLC – A professional, personalized approach to Christian authors.

Garden Publishing Company, LLC – Helping saints share their heart with the world.

Genesis Alive – Your source for origins truth.

GLM Publishing LLC – Books that teach good moral ethics and love.

God’s Key Ministry – Making disciples with hearts and lives that honor God.

Gospel Publishing Mission – Spreading the message of Salvation and Holy Living to every corner of the globe.

Grace Acres Press – Conservative, evangelical multimedia materials.

Grace Love Well Foundation – To inspire people to the beauty, power, presence, and love of God.

GreenTree Publishers – Leading people to apply biblical principles to daily living.

Guardian Angel Publishing – Changing the world by investing in children.

Halo Publishing International – A wide catalog of offerings for all ages.

HB Publications, LLC – Helping people strengthen their spiritual wellbeing, including recovery from addiction.

Healthy Life Press – Resources for physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

Hear My Heart Publishing – Traditional Christian publisher.

Hidden Treasure Novels – Creating crossover titles for souls saved and called to be saved.

Hidden Treasures Publishing – Edifying and building the body of Christ.

Hilltop House – Encouraging people to seek and grow in God’s goodness.

Home of Love Publications – Spiritual freedom through scientific knowledge.

Images Unlimited – Inspirational children’s books.

In Season Publications and Ministries LLC – Clean, wholesome suspenseful fiction with a faith focus.

Inspired Fiction Books – Compelling novels told from a Christian worldview, but not necessarily offering religious themes.

JDLD Trust – Promoting the Good News around the world.

K.Rae Kreations – Engaging youth for the Lord’s will to be fulfilled in their lives.

Key West Publishing, LLC – Children’s and young adult publications.

Kharis Publishing – Helping underrepresented authors get published and tell their stories.

Kingdom Life Purpose Publishing – Helping believers walk in their God-ordained purpose.

L.B. Johnson – Writing and promoting fiction and nonfiction.

Labney Publishing – Overcoming evil with good.

Lawrence Sankar – Proclaiming the message of Christ to all nations.

LED Ministries – Dispelling doctrines based on popularity and tradition rather than Scripture.

Liena Apsukrapsa – Publisher of Advent to Epiphany: Engaging the Heart of Christmas.

Linda W. Yezak – Illustrating Christian solutions to real-life problems.

Lioness Writing Ltd – A small company exploring the world of publishing.

Little Kicker Books – Introducing our loving God to children through picture books.

Lone Mesa Publishing – Indie publisher of Christian and clean secular work.

Material Media LLC – Listening to the Spirit at the heart of the human soul.

Micah Ann Duckett – Hope and encouragement that uses true overcoming stories.

Michelle Connell – Inspirational romance fiction.

Mighty Way Books – Encouraging and inspirational books for children 8–13.

MindEquip – Bible study and reference materials.

Mireille Mishriky – Publishing fun Christian stories for children.

Moriah Books – Personal spiritual growth, biblical education, history, and historical fiction.

Morten Moore Publishing – We love the written word and we love sharing good stories with our readers.

Mountainview Books, LLC – Bringing the very best Christian books directly to readers.

Moving from Broken to Beautiful LLC – Working to reach gazillions for Jesus.

Multilingual Church Media, LLC – Encourage and resourcing multilingual Christian worship.

Name Publishers LLC – Increasing and understanding of the word of God.

New Horizon Publishers – Adult non-fiction.

Noble Creative, LLC – Telling stories in compelling and fresh ways.

Nordskog Publishing, Inc. – Meaty books for common Christians.

North Wind Publishing – Nautical and outdoor themed products.

Ofelia Perez – Spanish author and editor.

Olive Press Messianic and Christian Publisher – The messianic roots of Christ.

Olivia Kimbrell Press – Serving the Kentucky Christian community since 2011.

Our Written Lives – Publishing services for independent authors.

Pageant Wagon Publishing – Making God’s Word a vibrant light of literacy and learning.

Parvaim Press – A community of writers, artists, and musicians with a vision for creative media.

Paul Juby – Writing to chage the lives of non-Christians and fence sitters.

Pembroke St. Press – Encouraging the intellectual and devotional lives of pastors, educators, and laypeople.

Precept Publishing LLC – Material that inspires and encourages women of all ages.

Prescott Publishing – Books that do more than entertain; they make you think.

Protocol, Ltd. – Promoting personal Christian growth and impacting the culture.

The Rephidim Project – Refreshing those serving on the frontlines of spiritual battle.

Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing – Traditional publisher that helps people publish with little or no money.

Rising Fawn Press – Celebrating the glory of God and Creation through art and words.

Rob Mixon – Publisher of To Look Upward: One Flight Instructors Journey.

Ron Mosby – Publisher of A Glimpse of the Kingdom.

Rosa Purcell – Publisher of Christian children’s books.

St. Polycarp Publishing House – Filling the gap between general Christian and denomination-specific materials.

Sable Creek Press – Fiction & inspirational books.

Say So Books – Let the redeemed of the Lord say so (Psalm 107:2).

Sermon on the Mount Publishing – Teaching readers to obey the commands of Christ.

SfMe Media – The publishing arm of Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

Shane Cloonan – Publisher of Journey to the Cross.

Sheaf House Publishers, LLC – Inspirational fiction that glorifies God.

Sheila Llewellyn – Fiction that encourages a stronger relationship with God.

Shepherd King Publishing, LLC – Shepherding authors through the maze of publishing.

Shinese Collins, LLC – Helping women become high achievers in life, career, and business.

Signalman Publishing – Bringing the classics to the Kindle.

Soevad Creative Media LLC – Christian coloring books.

Sonfire Media – “Messages that matter” in traditional and electronic form.

Soothkeep Press – Bringing evangelicals to higher ground.

Sophie Dawson – Stories in faithful living.

Special Needs Homeschooling – Meeting the unique needs of special-needs families.

Sound Words Publishing – Books to serve as manuals to The Manual.

Steven Ira – Entertaining novels that honor the Word of God and Jesus Christ.

Still Hope Publishing – Offering hope of prophetic fulfillment.

Sue Neil – Author and publisher of Journey to Salem.

Sunbrook Publishing – Adult titles that connects the reader to the supernatural world of God’s Kingdom.

Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC – Offering practical training for Spirit-filled living.

Surrendered Publishing – Bridging the gap between Christian counseling and traditional psychotherapy.

Sword-in-Hand Publishing – Publisher of King-James-Only apologetics books.

T. T. Carole LLC – Author, designer, motivational speaker.

T2Pneuma Publishers LLC – Publisher of adult nonfiction books.

Taegais Publishing LLC – Making people better for the cause of Jesus Christ.

TEACH Services, Inc. – Strengthening readers by pointing them to Christ.

Teachable Moments Press – Revealing and teaching the work of Jesus.

Testimony Publications – Working together to overcome evil.

Timeless Anchor – Publisher of Proverbs: Discover God’s Treasure of Wisdom.

Tower of Harmony – Enhancing the moral development of families.

Triple J Publishing – Helping authors express their gifts with written words.

True Blue Author – Memoirs of a corporate executive, mission pilot, fisherman and author.

Trumpet Press – Publishing new and old Christian books.

Truth Book Publishers – Pastoral reference books.

Tuscawilla Creative Services, LLC – Inspirational nonfiction books for adults.

Vicki Watson – Pubishing The Sonrise Stable series of Christian horse books.

Vision Life Ministries – Healing and freedom ministry books.

Vision Writer Publications – Encouraging Biblical morality while presenting the truth in love.

Water of Life Unlimited – Empowering people to prevail in spiritual warfare.

Waterloo Publishing – Thoughtful Christian books that challenge conventional secular wisdom.

Watersprings Media House, LLC – Helping authors bring their words and vision into the marketplace professionally.

Wealth for the Righteous Resource Center – A financial literacy ministry.

Weaver Book Company – Quality resources for pastors and pastors-in-training.

Wes Daughenbaugh – Illustrated evangelistic books.

WhiteFire Publishing – Where Spirit meets the page.

Whole Heart Ministries – Resources for home discipleship and instruction.

Wild Flower Press, Inc. – Intelligent fiction with a spiritual edge.

The Wild Olive Press – Adult fiction and nonfiction.

Wilde Art Press – recognizing and knowing God through exploring His creation.

William E. Johnson – Bring the Word of God from the top shelf to the pews.

Worldwide Publishing Group LLC – To mentor and coach writers, and to publish books with transparency.

Yattir Publishing – Bringing focus on and interest in The Holocaust.

Your Journey Press, LLC – Publishing and promoting with the upmost care and commitment.

Zelma’s Farm – To support the worth and dignity of those with disabilites.