Trade Shows

For a small publisher or author, attending a trade show can be prohibitively expensive. Booth space, furnishings, air fare and lodging, it all adds up. CSPA helps small publishers and independent authors get exposure at a fraction of the cost. To have your products displayed and marketed by CSPA at a trade show, you must become a member.

NRB Convention Proclaim 18

February 27–March 2, 2018 | Nashville, TN

CSPA represents our members at the NRB Convention, the world’s largest gathering of Christian communicators, and offers a unique opportunity to reach media and ministry professionals.

Click here to apply for trade-show representation.

Unite: CBA’s International Convention

After 14 years of providing trade show representation at the CBA Unite International Trade Show, CSPA has made the difficult decision to discontinue providing this service for our Members for 2018. CSPA’s goal is to provide our Members with affordable marketing opportunities, but we also want those marketing opportunities to provide appropriate return on investment. Due to the shrinkage of Christian retail stores and resulting decreased attendance at CBA Unite, CSPA believes that the return on investment for trade show representation at CBA Unite for our Members is no longer at a level we feel acceptable. If you are interested in attending CBA Unite 2018, CBA does provide table rental at CBA Unite for a reasonable fee for small publishers and independent authors.

View pictures from CSPA’s trade-show representation: