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The New Apostolic Epoch
P Douglas Small

Prayer: Apostolic epochs involve a breaking away, a new definition and a reorientation. They refocus kingdom purposes. The apostolic epoch that we are now entering is the fulfillment of the desire of Jesus, that his church be a house of prayer for all nations. It is not the mere deepening or heightening of the value of prayer; it is a seismic apostolic shift.

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Mystery Romance

Resting Place
Mary M. Beasley

Lillian Collin is haunted by a nightmare she can’t forget. She’s lost everything but is determined to have justice for her brother’s death. Lillian is the only witness who can destroy a drug cartel. Officer Kevin Weston is haunted by a nightmare he can’t remember. Will they trust God to lead them to their safe haven?

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The Daughter
J. Gordon Monson

Book 2 in the Fascination With Life Series—Angela tells her version of her story after finding out who her father is on her fifteenth birthday. Will he want anything to do with her? Will her Mother want her to start a relationship with him? And, will her Granny be willing to allow this stranger, this absent, irresponsible dad into Angela’s life all these many years later?

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Kenny Sargent

Wholesome, gritty, Christian fiction! A lost treasure hunt. A deadly pharmaceutical cover-up. Two people meant for each other forever separated. A mysterious informant. A cryptic message in an ancient Bible. Power brokers that play hardball to suppress the truth. From catacombs to cyberspace, mountain air to close quarters, enjoy a high-stakes ride through a web of intrigue, danger and redemption.

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