Below is an alphabetical list of our member publishers.

4RV Publishing – Working with authors, illustrators, editors, and staff to provide quality books.

82 Stories Inc. – Reader-centric books for niche audiences.

Adelaide Holdings LLC – Independent Christian author.

Agape Orthopaedics – Portraying God’s never-ending mercy and grace in our lives.

Alabaster Box Publishing, Inc. – Women’s ministry needs.

Alana Terry – Author of Christian suspense novels, teacher, and podcaster.

Alive Publications – An outreach of Alive Ministries.

Allen M. Steely – Author of What Salvation Is Really All About!.

Almond Blossom Community – Publisher of creative fiction.

Ampelos Press – Strongly, unashamedly, uncompromisingly Christ-centered.

Angelika Mitikas – Christian author.

Appointed Time Press, LLC – Creating quality Christian books for an end-times generation.

Arabelle Publishing – We publish inspirational books that share stories of hope and courage.

Ark Press – Micro-publisher for select projects by outside authors.

Armor of Hope Writing & Publishing Services – Equipping those whom God has given a vision to write.

Avodah Books – Small Christian publisher.

Baptist House – Helping Baptist authors reach the world with editing, design, and publishing services.

Barbara Higby – Encouraging others to know God and thereby live victoriously, with hope and joy.

Baseball Injury Publishers – Publisher of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Bear Publications – Publisher of speculative fiction, to include science fiction, fantasy, and light horror.

Beaufort Books – A mix of nonfiction and fiction in the secular and Christian markets.

Betty J. Harris – Books to encourage, inspire, and educate people in their journey.

Biblion Publishing LLC – Publisher of a broad range of materials.

B-Inspired Publishing Company – Discovering and publishing authors who desire to make the greatest impact.

BK Royston Publishing – High quality and enjoyable inspirational materials for all ages.

Blackside Publishing – Raw, real, and transparent stories.

Bobbie Temple – Emerging Christian publisher.

Book Villages – A small custom publishing company that provides multiple types of material.

Breakthrough Version Publishing – Publishing the Breakthrough Version of the New Testament.

Brian Alec Curtis – Presenting a good understanding of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

Burton Laine – Christian books and magazine publishing.

Capture Books – A boutique Christian publishing group providing the best new authors.

Cardinia Ranges Publishing House – Inspiring people to reach their full God-given potential.

Carol Ogle McCracken – Teaching women Biblical truths through real life application and humor.

Certa Publishing – Making your publishing dream affordable.

Christian Concepts – Lovingly helping people to be changed by God’s truth.

Christian Concepts for Kids. Inc. – Biblically-accurate publications to help children understand Christianity.

Christian Yoga, LLC – Inspiring others to improve their health so they can serve God better.

CIS Legacy Books – Addressing the media and communications needs of the church.

Clay Jars Publishing – Inspiring readers to new vision, insight and a desire to live life from God’s point of view.

Clean Reads – Wholesome reading without compromise.

College and Clayton Press, LLC – Fostering the love of God with the mind.

Connecting to Christ – Assisting readers to connect to Christ.

Connie Bombaci – Providing readers with empowering encouragement.

Creative Enterprises Studio – A complete publishing services company.

CREST Publications – Publishers of Baby Bible Board Books™.

CrossLink Publishing – Bible studies and devotionals to connect God’s people.

Crossover Publications, LLC – Reaching the world in print.

Crux Publications – Offering Christian nonfiction authors affordable DIY services.

D. A. Brittain – Illuminating Biblical truth through realistic characters and adventure-filled tales.

Dale Brown – Empowering divorced men to become resilient, strong and wise assets to the world.

Davalynn Spencer – A published author gone independent.

Dave Holland – Devotional Bible studies focused on Christ and the Gospel of Luke.

David L. Winters – Stories to take you higher.

DayeLight Publishers – A faith-based publishing consultancy company.

Deirdre Reilly – Christian author.

Delight in Him Publications – Publishing resources that point others to the Truth of the Word of God.

Denise Fleissner Ralston – Life coach and author.

Diane Elgin – To share hope in Jesus to little children through books filled with love, hope and laughter.

DMS Onge Publishing, LLC – We are serious about our Christianity.

Dot’s Micro-Publishing House – A community of independent authors.

Dove and Word Publishing – Promoting the first and only true revelation of the Mystery to the Trinity.

Dove Christian Publishers – Exhorting and entertaining Christians who live a vibrant faith.

Dr. Tony V. Lewis – Christian education with homiletical clarity and precision.

Dream Co Publishing – Books with subtle, good messages in the undercurrent.

Earthen Vessel Publishing – Theological & historical research materials.

Eden Stories Press – Artistic, literary works that sees the world through the prism of faith.

Editorial Palabra Pura – Providing education resources for pastors and churches, mainly in Spanish.

Electric Moon Publishing, LLC – Walking with authors through the trenches of publishing.

Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. – “Publishing the Positive.”

Encourage Publishing, LLC – We help you tell your story.

Epulaeryu Poetry – Assisting “The least of these” to experience uplifting inspiration.

Evelyn Leite – Self-help books on addiction, grief and mental illness.

Exegetica Publishing – Helping readers understand the Bible and the Biblical worldview.

Fiesta Publishing – Publishing best-selling books that are trumpets for the Lord.

First Steps Publishing – Taking raw manuscripts and turning them into masterpieces.

Followings Press – Publishers specializing in books by and about Quakers.

Friends United Press – Energizing and equipping friends to gather people into Christian fellowships.

Froelich Forbes Press -Publishers of Making Jesus Unforgettable!

Fruitbearer Publishing LLC – A professional, personalized approach to Christian authors.

Garden Publishing Company, LLC – Helping saints share their heart with the world.

George Mains – Independent author of Assurance of Heaven.

Get It Done Publishing LLC – Books that inspire and impact the world for good.

Gisela De Leon – Author of children’s suspense books.

GLM Publishing LLC – Books that teach good moral ethics and love.

Golden Alley Press – Publishing works that model positive values and virtues.

Gordon S. Grose, LLC – Assisting recovery using spiritual resources.

Gospel Publishing Mission – Spreading the message of Salvation and Holy Living to every corner of the globe.

Grace Acres Press – Conservative, evangelical multimedia materials.

Grand Staff Publishing – Books that call the church to action.

Green Sap Publications – Nonfiction books by missionaries, with their special perspective following God.

GreenTree Publishers – Leading people to apply biblical principles to daily living.

Growing the Gifts, LLC – To affirm our gifts, to grow our gifts, and to cultivate our gifts.

Halo Publishing International – A wide catalog of offerings for all ages.

He’s So Worth It Publishers – Helping women live the abundant life found in Christ.

Healthy Life Press – Resources for physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

Heidi Vertrees – Inspirational fiction for children.

Hidden Treasure Novels – Creating crossover titles for souls saved and called to be saved.

Hilltop House – Encouraging people to seek and grow in God’s goodness.

Holland C. Kirbo – Bearing witness to the Gospel through young adult Christian fantasy.

Home of Love Publications – Spiritual freedom through scientific knowledge.

Honeycomb House Publishing, LLC – Publishing gracious words the bring spiritual sweetness and healing.

Husky Trail Press LLC – Working with authors to produce high quality books and ebooks.

IceFire Publishing – Publishers of Echoes of Jesus, a Christian apologetic defense against revisionism.

In His Name Publishing – “Write the vision! Make it plain! So that it can be sent out!” (Hab.2:2).

In Season Publications and Ministries LLC – Clean, wholesome suspenseful fiction with a faith focus.

Inspiromedia Christian Publishing House – Children’s book publisher and consultants.

Intelligent Design Press – A selective and protected brand for Christian authors.

Jaime Marsman – “Use your powers for good, realize the joy of creating, and follow your own dream.”

JaneTruth Books – Helping Christians internalize their beliefs to impact their actions every day.

Jenny Knipfer – Author of the By The Light of the Moon series.

Jerrie Brooks – “Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God.”

Jim Mathis – Fiction and nonfiction books for small groups or individual study.

Joan C Benson, LLC – Books that inspire and encourage members of the Body of Christ.

John “Jack” M. Cunningham, Jr. – Independent Christian author for 30 years.

John Mayden – Putting a 21st century spin on prayer.

Joseph Gelak – Independent Christian writer.

Judy Ransom – Providing practical tools for victorious living.

June Strickler – Nourishing the soul through life’s fiercest storms and the ordinary routines of life.

Karen Jurgens – Author of contemporary Christian fiction and devotionals.

Keon Lindsey – Writing to inspire people to grow in faith.

Kerysso Press – Printing to encourage, edify, and educate.

Kharis Publishing – Supporting at-risk children with literacy tools.

Kingdom Publishing LLC – Creating the atmosphere and the resources for people to experience God.

L. K. Simonds – Fiction for Christian audiences and the literary community.

LRW Publication, LLC – Training the body of Christ to become disciple makers.

Lake Girl Publishing – The imprint home of all kinds of creativity with a purpose.

Lamplight Ministries Inc. – Publishers of the God’s Toolbox Series.

Laura McLeod – The Merry Misfit Series, based on true stories, teaches about caring, kindness and love.

The Leadership Development Group – Organizational development consultant, ICF Certified Executive Coach, Nationally awarded author.

Legacy Book Publishing – Books inspiring virtuous character.

Legacy Lane Publishing – Our custom publishing services change lives!

LewMar Innovations – Enhancing each person’s unique talents, skills, and abilities.

Light of the Word Ministry – Providing information on customs, idioms, and the Aramaic text of the New Testament.

Lighthouse Bible Studies – Connecting people to God through His word.

Lilliput Press, LLC – Where little dreams become books.

Lioness Writing Ltd – A small company exploring the world of publishing.

Lisa J. Radcliff – Author of Hidden with Christ: Breaking Free from the Grip of Your Past.

Little Kicker Books – Introducing our loving God to children through picture books.

Little Lamb Books – Encouraging young readers in their faith and love of reading.

Living Parables – Helping authors reach the world through high quality, Christ-honoring books.

Living Story – Drawing people to learn deeply, live freely, and love passionately.

Living Witnesses Ministries – Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through dramatic portrayals.

Lynne Tagawa – Indie author writing historical fiction with strong gospel content.

Lynette Jackson Love – Comprehensive Bible Studies ideal for individual or group studies.

Mainstay Ministries – Christian publishing house.

Malcolm Down Publishing – Drawing you closer to God through your relationship with Jesus.

Mantle Rock Publishing – The best novels with a Christian element.

Marji Stevens – Reverend, artist, illustrator, musician, and conference speaker.

Mary L. Hamilton – Books that appeal to those on the edge of Christianity.

MaryAnn Diorio Books – Creating works of art that communicate Christ’s love and connect people to Him.

Master Design Publishing – Glorifying God with materials to encourage and equip the followers of Jesus Christ.

Master Press – Quality Christian books that reflect our value of word and power.

Master’s Commission/strong> – Serving students and alumni of the Master’s Commission Bible Institute.

McGahan Publishing House – Enriching minds by speaking to all facets of the Christian life.

McKinney Publishing – Providing authors an easy means to share their talents.

Micah Ann Duckett – Hope and encouragement that uses true overcoming stories.

Michael Byars Lewis – Independent Christian author of thrillers.

Michael Dallas Piper – Independent Christian author.

Michael Dowling – Thought-provoking, attractively illustrated fables that showcase the wisdom of God’s Word.

Michelle Connell – Inspirational romance fiction.

Michelle Layer Rahal – Straining Forward, LLC.

Mighty Way Books – Encouraging and inspirational books for children 8–13.

Mireille Mishriky – Publishing fun Christian stories for children.

Morten Moore Publishing – We love the written word and we love sharing good stories with our readers.

Moving from Broken to Beautiful LLC – Working to reach gazillions for Jesus.

Name Publishers LLC – Increasing and understanding of the word of God.

Napoleon Burt – Reigniting interest in the Old Testament scriptures.

Narcis I. Murza – Infusing a fresh breath of biblical truth in Christians.

New Horizon Publishers – Adult non-fiction.

New Lineage – Family devotionals.

Nicki White – Offering hope to those going through trials.

Nordskog Publishing, Inc. – Meaty books for common Christians.

North Wind Publishing – Nautical and outdoor themed products.

Now Found Publishing, LLC – Helping authors see their vision come to fruition.

Olive Press Messianic and Christian Publisher – The messianic roots of Christ.

Olivia Kimbrell Press – Serving the Kentucky Christian community since 2011.

Open Road Press – Unique and uplifting works on love, life, and bicycling.

Original Text Publications – Christian nonfiction, and adventure fiction with a Christian perspective.

Our Walk in Christ Publishing – Work adhering to the reformed theological position.

Pam McCormick – Independent Christian author.

Pearly Gates Publishing, LLC – Assisting both new and seasoned authors with “removing the excuses”.

Pen of the Writer – Taking writers from pen to paper to published.

Plenus Gratia Publications – Bringing God-inspired writing and art, representing God’s presence in all things, to all.

Precept Publishing LLC – Material that inspires and encourages women of all ages.

Prescott Publishing – Books that make you think.

Promise House Publishing – Publisher of Elizabeth Ann Boyles’ Dragonfly Trilogy.

Protocol, Ltd. – Promoting personal Christian growth and impacting the culture.

Proximity Press – Engaging disciples to mobilize and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Quoir – A concept-to-publication boutique publisher.

Relevant Publishers LLC – We publish visionary books to change the world, one mind at a time.

Ramona G Kearney – “In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

Rampart Publications – Biblical writing that enhances fervent pursuit of a committed life.

Renata Henderson – Helping global leaders advance the Kingdom through developing their talents.

Randy Loubier – Reaching fringe Christians to reignite their love for Jesus.

The Rephidim Project – Refreshing those serving on the frontlines of spiritual battle.

Rooted Publishing – Spirit-filled books that lead their readers out of religious routine.

Ruth S. Olson – Independent Christian author.

RWG Publishing – Traditional publisher that helps people publish with little or no money.

Sable Creek Press – Fiction & inspirational books.

Salted Lightly – Kids’-eye views of the Jesus story, by Writers’ Guild award winner L R

Say So Books – Let the redeemed of the Lord say so (Psalm 107:2).

Scrivenings Press LLC – A small traditional royalty-paying publisher of clean fiction.

Sermon on the Mount Publishing – Teaching readers to obey the commands of Christ.

SfMe Media – The publishing arm of Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

Sheaf House Publishers, LLC – Inspirational fiction that glorifies God.

Shelleen Weaver – Christian indie author.

Shirley A Genovese – Revealing the character and personality of God by shifting one’s vision to a new vantage.

Sonfire Media – “Messages that matter” in traditional and electronic form.

Soothkeep Press – Bringing evangelicals to higher ground.

Sound Words Publishing – Books to serve as manuals to The Manual.

Spiritual Milk – Opening up the Bible to children and those with limited English or reading skills.

Stephanie Leroux – Independent Christian fiction author.

Strolling Hills Publishing – Inspirational true stories.

Summers Island Press / Lightsmith Publishers – Encouraging, hope-filled stories.

Sunbrook Publishing – Adult titles that connects the reader to the supernatural world of God’s Kingdom.

Sunbury Press, Inc. – Continuing the elightenment, challenging the establishment.

Sword-in-Hand Publishing – Publisher of King-James-Only apologetics books.

T.M. Hedlund – Christian publisher.

T2Pneuma Publishers LLC – Publisher of adult nonfiction books.

Tammy Pfaff – Teaching encouragement and hope.

Tom Anderson – Independent Christian author.

Thomas B. Clarke Publications – Bible study & reference materials.

True Blue Author – Memoirs of a corporate executive, mission pilot, fisherman and author.

Trumpet Press – Publishing new and old Christian books.

Truth Book Publishers – Pastoral reference books.

TSU Press – The publishing arm of Trinity Southwestern University.

Tulip Publishing – Providing a platform for authors within the Reformed tradition.

Tuscawilla Creative Services, LLC – Inspirational nonfiction books for adults.

Two Words Publishing – Publishing audiobooks from underrepresented segments of the Christian market.

VEA Publishing – Publishing the truth in love, stressing personal discipleship and Christian accountability.

Vicki Watson – Publishing the Sonrise Stable series of Christian horse books.

Victory Through Light Ministries – Shining the Light into the night.

Water of Life Unlimited – Empowering people to prevail in spiritual warfare.

Wild Flower Press, Inc. – Intelligent fiction with a spiritual edge.

The Wild Olive Press – Adult fiction and nonfiction.

William K. Hawkins – Reach believers and nonbelievers with a unique Bible study.

Windsor Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. – Spreading the Word of God through preaching, teaching, and music.

Word & Spirit Publishing – Partnering with authors as they lift up Jesus.

WordCrafts Press – Material concerning orphans and other world missions.

Worldwide Publishing Group LLC – To mentor and coach writers, and to publish books with transparency.

Writers in the Marketplace Press – Products that have a positive impact on the lives of our readers.

YAV – Providing authors better quality books with a higher portion of the profits.

Zelma’s Farm – To support the worth and dignity of those with disabilites.