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Prayer Journal: Loving God with All Your Heart

Susie Hobson and Gail Nordskog
Hardback, 288 pp., $18.95

Perfect companion to Nordskog Publishing’s title, Loving God With All Your Heart! Scripture passages and devotional thoughts on each page; lots of space for journaling; padded cover and marker ribbon.


John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty

Mary-Elaine Swanson
Paperback, 432 pp., $19.95

This book does invaluable service for this and subsequent generations, rescuing John Locke from the effects of Deconstructionism and Academic Collectivism; an uncensored view of his incalculable influence on America.


Faith on Earth

Lou Poumakis
Paperback, 152 pp., $15.95

Finding hope and purpose through seeing God’s big purpose is the joy of every Christian. This book packs the life-long study and writing of philosopher/theologian R.J. Rushdoony into 152 pages.


Your Average Joe Unplugged

Joseph D. Schneller
Paper, 116 pp., $11.95

Interspersed with humor columns are 30 days of practical insight and spiritual application. Written primarily for men, the ladies like it too! Makes an outstanding gift!


In the Aerie of the Wolf

Leonora Pruner
Paper, 368 pp., $13.95

Intriguing, uplifting! Discover honor, integrity, faithfulness and true love! Become lost in another time and place. From the author of Close to His Heart! You won’t put this book down!


From Mason to Minister: Through the Lattice

Neil Cullan McKinlay
Paper, 144 pp., $13.95

A captivating, poetic memoir of the author’s courageous spiritual journey to find the Truth and know the Living God, the Stone the builders rejected, and freedom!


Confrontational Politics

Senator H. L. Richardson, Ret.
Paper, 128 pp., $12.95

The Politics of Principle. In this era of ever-growing, more distant, unresponsive government—and politicians of both parties—retired California state senator H. L. (Bill) Richardson’s book is a strong tonic.


Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender!:

W. Stanley Martin
Hardcover, 96 pp., $14.95

A historical narrative, how young courageous young apprentices save their besieged Protestant town of Londonderry in 1689. A book for freedom-loving people around the world. No surrender!


With My Rifle by My Side: A Second Amendment Lesson

Kimberly Jo Simac
Full-color Hardback (casebound; no dust jacket), 48 pp., $18.95

“The words and illustrations combine to make a strong impact. This is the message children need to get –and adults too.” Larry Pratt, Exec. Dir, Gun Owners of America


Loving God with All Your Heart: Keeping the Greatest Commandment in Everyday Life

Susie Hobson
Hardcover-Casebound, 120 pp., $15.95

Running on empty? Do you feel there is more out there for you? This book will take you deeper into your heart’s desire for a real relationship with God.


Another World:

Philip Stott
Paper, 284 pp., $12.95

Biblical science fiction. What was it like before Noah’s flood? Heart-racing adventure—a bronto-infested floating forest–a scream, a devastating crash—heavens threaten, the earth trembles—existence is in question..


Close to His Heart:

Leonora Pruner
Paper, 384 pp., $13.95

Historical romance in 18th century England. The longing for a loving, faith-minded spouse is shattered unless they can forgive each other. Leaves readers with a sense of joyful hope.


Jungle Sunrise

Jonathan Williams
Paper, 230 pp., $12.50

Written by an Xtreme Team missionary. Jonah moves from desperation to an incomparable Peruvian adventure, discovering through trials and tragedy how to begin life anew. You won’t put it down.


Truth Standing on Its Head: Insight for an Extraordinary Christian Walk from the Sermon on the Mount

Dr. John N. Day
Hardcover, 192 pp., $18.95

In depth study offers a life-transforming experience of Jesus’ startling opposite-from-the-world way to a happy life—an extraordinary Christian walk. Excellent for study or for family table readings. Short chapters.


The Book That Made America: How the Bible Formed Our Nation

Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.
Paper, 304 pp., $18.95

The answer to America’s critics with the facts of history, a major spiritual weapon for the soul of America. Recommended by Marshall Foster, Peter J. Marshall, Dr. Peter Lillback.


Worship Not the Creature: Animal Rights and the Bible

J. Y. Jones, M.D.
Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 192 pp., $19.95

Reveals underlying goals of the animal rights movement as a potentially significant menace to liberty and even Christianity. Teaches the biblical view of man’s God-appointed dominion stewardship over creation.


West Oversea: A Norse Saga of Mystery, Adventure, and Faith

Lars Walker
Paper, 296 pp., $12.95

Blown off course to strange lands . . . Set in the time of the Vikings’ conversion to Christianity and westward explorations. Action, excitement, and sheer fun.


Por Mi El Murio:

Mark A. Marinella, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Paper, 146 pp., $14.95

The death and resurrection of Jesus, with intriguing details from the Old Testament written hundreds of years before. Insights from a physician’s viewpoint. Readable, devotional, good for unsaved loved ones too.


The Death Penalty on Trial: Taking a Life for a Life Taken

Ron Gleason, Ph.D.
Paper, 152 pp., $14.95

Challenges both sides of the death penalty debate, citing history, Scripture, the confessionals of the historic reformed church, and the leading voices of today. A voice of sanity and balance.


Died He for Me: A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Mark A. Marinella, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Paper, 144 pp., $13.95

The death and resurrection of Jesus, with intriguing details from the Old Testament written hundreds of years before. Insights from a physician’s viewpoint. Readable, devotional, good for unsaved loved ones too.


The Fear of God: A Forgotten Doctrine, Expanded Second Edition

Dr. Arnold L. Frank
Paper, 228 pp., $16.95

A godly rebuke and impassioned plea. Hear the Word of God and the wise counsel of the Puritans on the fear of God, which precedes the love of God.


Nourishment from the Word: Select Studies in Reformed Doctrine

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., TH.D.
Paper, 188 pp., $15.95

“Be constantly nourished on the words of faith and sound doctrine…” Dr. Gentry’s deep study and precise, gently style make this book a must for pastors and laypersons alike.


The Battle of Lexington: A Sermon & Eyewitness Narrative

Jonas Clark, Pastor of the church at Lexington, 1776
Paper, 96 pp., $9.95

Narrative by Lexington Pastor, Jonas Clark, 1776 showing the principles of civil and religious liberty, the right of resistance, and the courage to stand and make a difference.


A Whole New World: The Gospel According to Revelation

Greg Uttinger
Paper, 100 pp., $9.95

Demystifies Revelation by focusing on the big picture and by deciphering symbolism from the Old Testament showing that we serve the risen, victorious Lord of time and eternity.


God’s Ten Commandments: Yesterday Today Forever

Francis Nigel Lee, LL.B., D.Jur., D.C.L., Ph.D., Th.D.
Paper, 128 pp., $11.95

God is the Root of Moral Law and perfectly reflects it. God gave man the Ten Commandments and every one of them is vital. Endorsed by former Chief Justice, Roy S. Moore.