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Betrothed: A Collection of Love Stories Reflecting an Ancient Faith

Waller Family
Paperback, 264 pp., $19.95

Dating? Courtship? There is a better way! The true stories of ten couples who trailblazed an ancient and beautiful way of marriage called betrothal.


The Box of Red Marbles

Roe Braddy
Paperback, 38 pp., $17.95

What do these classmates discover in the box of red marbles that shows them more about themselves?


The Word of God Made Plain

Jim Kirkland
Paperback, 380 pp., $19.95

Want a daily injection of the life-changing Word of God? Here is a devotional that will help you ignite the power of God’s Word into action in your life. It will reveal powerful Truths in the Word that will give your faith a daily blast off.


Personal Finance Personal Freedom

Chanty Webb
Paperback, 114 pp., $14.95

Are you trapped in a financial avalanche? Are bills piling up over your head? The author reveals how she and her husband obeyed the Lord and climbed out of $40,000 worth of consumer debt in just two years!!


Comfort Food: Vegan Cooking with over 70 Gluten Free Recipes

Jeanne Kennedy Horning
Paperback, 172 pp., $21.95

A culmination of over 30 years of experimenting to create satisfying food that is both delicious and nutritious! Feast your eyes on the beautiful, full color photos of almost every dish. The photo theme is the greenery of nature—bright and refreshing.


Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey

Mary A. Merritt
Paperback, 136 pp., $21.95

Study Hebrew while enjoying full color, full page art for each letter. The older student can study on his own, while a home school parent can guide the younger ones. Forty weeks of lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, etc., included.


A Seat on the Playground

Roe Braddy
Paperback, 180 pp., $17.95

These special needs children needed a special teacher. The author was very patient and kind. Your heart will be tugged into caring about them and loving them with her.


Healing for Your Broken Heart

James and Lyn Kirkland
Paperback, 90 pp., $12.95

Has your heart been trampled? Has your spouse cheated on you or dumped you? Do you wonder how you can ever go on? There is help and healing and hope.


God’s Allstar Baseball Team

Art Zehr
Paperback, 154 pp., $19.95

The Bible team batting order and positions of the players as revealed to the author in a dream. A book for men who might otherwise never read about God’s grace.


I Survived the Holocaust

Renate Kaufmann
Paperback, 70 pp., $13.00

Artist and poet describes the bombing and hiding, then the sorrowful confusion after the devastation. Poems include: “What Is Peace?” “What Is A Home?” “Mama, Is There Life After Death?”


Changed Forever By His Grace

Rhonda Lea Elliott
Paperback, 258 pp., $15.99

A compelling deliverance from bondage to freedom; from post abortion depression and hopelessness to healing and hope; from the inner pain of rejection and guilt to forgiveness and restoration.


Messianic Judaism Class

Rabbi Jim Appel
Paperback, 130 pp., $16.95

Deepen your walk with Jesus by learning the Jewish roots of His life on earth and the many profound insights this brings to everything He did and taught.


The Lighted Path

Lyn Kirkland
Paperback, 216 pp., $15.95

The 101 uplifting devotions are insights the author learned from her mother which she then successfully applied while raising her own children and now they are applying for their children.


What’s New About You?

Karen Hostetter
Paperback, 46 pp., $6.00

A quick overview of basically everything you would like to teach a new believer! Pertinent Scriptures are given in full, in case they don’t have access to a Bible.


Healing of the Fractured Soul

Dr. Steve Shamblin
Paperback, 82 pp., $12.95

This YWAM counselor tells of what the Bible calls the “wounded spirit” and teaches us how to leave our failing protection systems and walk into emotional healing and incredible freedom.


Love’s Three Days

A. Louis Miller
Paperback, 82 pp., $9.95

Wonderful for focusing on our Lord’s love and suffering for us! Deepens our love and awe for Him. Poetically worshipful! Let your heart be touched and melted again.


Reflections of God’s Faithfulness

Marla Brenneman
Paperback, 156 pp., $12.95

A devotional with a story woven through that shows how the author overcame anxiety attacks and depression, and was then able to bravely face her daughter’s scary brain tumor diagnosis.


Defiant Daughter, Divine Grace

Lorna Bogues
Paperback, 144 pp., $12.75

Letters written secretly by the author to her daughter during the rough teen years. She gave them to her daughter when she left for college hoping for reconciliation.


From the Projects to the Palace

Rabbi Greg Hershberg
Paperback, 162 pp., $12.95

This Jewish author from the Bronx tells how he searched everywhere, except in God, for meaning in life. Yet God broke in on him in a miraculous way.


Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah: The Day of Sounding the Shofar

Rabbi Jim Appel
Paperback, 272 pp., $14.95

This wonderful Biblical celebration, designed and appointed by God, has mostly been hidden from Christians for 1700 years! Don’t miss out anymore on this special connection to the Lord.


Faygala, Yiddish Refugee

Betty Baker
Paperback, 94 pp., $8.45

A pre-Holocaust Russian, Jewish historical novelette, based on a true story. Will Faygala reach America? Will they let her in? Will it be the “Golden Country” like everyone says?