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Why Me?

Darren Cox
Paperback, 28 pp., $11.99

One day there was a cow named Joe that had everything a nice barn, food and all the hay to eat. Sam I a green snake that did not like Joe and he want to make Joe’s life turn upside down. Joe meets a dove named Jemimah that helps him back on his feet again.


The Little Truck Knew It Could

Darren Cox
Paperback, 24 pp., $11.99

A little red pickup truck named Rusty made a deal with one of the meanest pickup truck named Max on the pulling game. If Rusty wants to win, he will have to learn to believe in himself. An all inspiring story that will inspire children over and over again. This book includes great artwork.


Outreach: Get Motivated to Reach Your Friends

Don Babin
Paperback, 186 pp., $14.95

Outreach is a motivational, biblical and inspiring scriptural approach to reaching out to others. This is our biblical mandate, but sometimes we need a holy nudge.