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Walking in the Resurrection: The Schleitheim Confession in Light of the Scriptures

Andrew V. Ste. Marie
Paperback, 169 pp., $9.95
The Schleitheim Confession of 1527 was the Reformation’s first confession of faith. This book gives Scriptural and historical commentary on the seven articles, with a history of the Confession.• BUY NOW •

Magnify the Lord: A Challenge to the Nominal Christian

Matt Drayer
Paperback, 151 pp., $7.95
Are most American churches different from Jehovah’s Witnesses? Drayer argues that the JW-ism is a variation on the theme of popular American religion. Do we need to repent?• BUY NOW •

Should Christians Fight? Nonresistance vs. Just War Theory

Dean Taylor, David Bercot, J. Daryl Charles, & Peter Kreeft (edited by Andrew V. Ste. Marie)
Paperback, 92 pp., $5.99
In March 2014, four Christian thinkers debated whether Christians should participate in war. This book presents a complete transcript of the debate with additional resources.• BUY NOW •

March Forward with the Word!: The Life of Conrad Grebel

Andrew V. Ste. Marie & Mike Atnip
Paperback, 173 pp., $9.95
One of the founders of the Anabaptists (Mennonites/Amish) was a partying university dropout who met Christ and was transformed into a fiery preacher, challenging the greatest reformers of the day.• BUY NOW •

Encouragement to Penitent Sinners

John M. Brenneman
Paperback, 25 pp., $2.99
The book provides an explanation of true repentance and conversion, encouraging sinners to repent and turn to God.• BUY NOW •

Christianity and War

John M. Brenneman
Paperback, 55 pp., $4.95
The book answers the questions: What is a true Christian? Can a true Christian, partaker of Christ’s Spirit and nature, go forth to war?• BUY NOW •