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Baby Bible Board Books make great gifts!

It’s never to early to teach your children all about Jesus. Just $15.00 with free US shipping! Buy your copy today!

View Jesus Feeds the People in PDF.

Read Sarah Bolme’s article on preschoolers and faith, featured at InspiredMoms.com.
Baby Bible Board Books
Collection #1: Stories of Jesus                      

Authors: Edward & Sarah Bolme
Illustrator: Tim Gillette

ISBN: 0-9725546-4-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9725546-4-5

Contents: Set of 4 board books
               Each book measures 5" x 5"

Christmas special: Order direct for just $15.00 (with free shipping to the US). Regular retail is $23.99.


Aimed at children aged 1-3, these four books teach essential stories of Jesus with delightful illustrations and simple, clear text. Each story also ends with a simple lesson to help your young soul love Jesus.

What People Are Saying (see more reviews)    

“Our daughter loves her books so much, she takes them to bed with her.”
- JoAnna Crawford, WA

“These books are great! They’re not your typical floofy have-a-good-night's-sleep books; these teach something.”
- Sandy Anderson
Dightman’s Book and Bible Center

“These are sturdy books ... highly recommended for Christian homes with small children, church libraries, and Christian preschools.”
- Harold McFarland
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