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Professional Acclaim

“Having difficulty getting and maintaining the attention of a teenager? This is the book for you. Not only are the messages and content of this book simple, easy to understand and practical, it is interesting for teenagers to read. The author uses words, examples and metaphors that speak to the teenage audience, keeping them engaged as they explore their anger and themselves.”
          --Darlene Ouilette, MA, Therapist

Keep Your Cool! is a book about anger that ‘real’ teens can use! The author's use of language (i.e., ‘keep your cool,’ ‘anger conquerors,’ ‘straight talk’) and real-life situations will resonate with teens and likely increase their willingness to engage in her interactive book and learn about and manage their anger. This workbook is accessible and versatile. As a clinician of twenty-two years and a parent of teens, I envision this book used in therapeutic settings as well as in the homes of motivated families who need a tool to guide them. From its format and length to its appealing illustrations, Sarah Bolme’s workbook is a winner. I highly recommend Keep Your Cool! for the ‘toolbox’ of all teens (and those who support them) working to control their anger before it controls them.”
          --Sidney Rockwell-McCombs, MA, Therapist

“Keep Your Cool, by Sarah Bolme, M.S.W., is an answer to prayer for those therapists/case managers who work with troubled teens on a daily basis and recognize the shortage of useful tools like this one! Provided in an easily readable format, this book can be given to the teen and/or his parents to address the steps recommended--to learn to control anger before it controls the family situation--so that together they assist in the healing process. There are many clinical textbooks available to assist the practitioner; this is the first this reader has found that is written in workbook format and likely to appeal to the 12-17 year old because it speaks directly to the reader and requests a response. Having worked with angry teens personally and professionally for several decades, I am delighted to have this little book in my library and have found many opportunities to use it cover to cover as well as one or two chapters as needed. I would encourage someone just entering the field, as well as the experienced therapist, to obtain a copy of Keep Your Cool! to add to his/her personal library as soon as possible.”
          --Maureen C. Williams, Social Worker