Don’t Miss CSPA’s Facebook Page Updates!

Facebook is the most popular social networking site worldwide. With 2.1 billion active daily users, the site has been a great way for authors and publishers to connect with their audience. Sadly, that is changing.

Mark Zukerman, the founder of Facebook, has announced that he is changing Facebook’s algorithm to show more posts from family and friends in individual’s News Feeds, and to give preference to posts that get the most engagement (comments).

This is bad news for authors and publishers who have a Facebook Page (not a personal profile) for their fans to follow and engage with them on the social site. This change means that the already shrinking exposure for any given Facebook Page post will continue to shrink. Currently, less than 10% of the people who follow any given Facebook page see any information that is posted.

If you follow Christian Small Publishers Association’s (CSPA) Facebook Page, and don’t want to miss out on any information CSPA posts there daily, just go to and complete the three steps listed below. If you don’t yet follow CSPA on Facebook, I encourage you to do so and then enable the “See First” option described below so that you don’t miss any great information we provide on our Facebook Page.

Follow this simple three-step procedure to make sure you still see the information CSPA posts on our Facebook Page.

  1. Go to CSPA’s Facebook Page (
  2. Click on the down arrow next to “Following”.
  3. Then click “See First” under “In Your News Feed”.

Doing this ensures that anything that CSPA posts on our Facebook Page posts will show up in your News Feed. That way, you won’t miss any great information!




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