Evolge (Foreign Rights) Application

Terms of Agreement:
I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • I am paying a $10 fee to have the above-named book listed on Evolge (http://evolge.com) for a period of two-years (so long as I keep my membership current with CIPA).
  • I am the publisher or author of the book and own the right to sell foreign language rights (to both the text and the illustrations) to the title.
  • The book is listed for sale on Amazon.com.
  • To send a PDF file of the book (can be watermarked) to foreign publishers requesting a copy of the book to review for possible foreign rights.
  • Inform CIPA of any foreign rights deal secured.
  • Pay to Evolge (via CIPA) 5% of the royalty advance or $20 (whichever is more) on any foreign rights deals transacted through the use of Evolge.
  • CIPA does not guarantee either the securing of a foreign rights deal or increased sales of the book as a result of participating in this service.

Please note: CIPA advises that should a publisher be interested in securing foreign rights for your title that you use a foreign rights agent to facilitate the deal. CIPA can provide a referral to an agent should you need one.