Want to know what Christian Indie Publishing Association’s (formerly Christian Small Publishers Association–CSPA) members think about the services they receive? Read these testimonials!

What Members Are Saying About CIPA:

“Membership in CSPA is invaluable.” —Yvonne

“Of all of the publishing and writing organizations I belong to, CIPA consistently has the most usable
information of any of them.” —Jeff

“This latest newsletter is the best marketing newsletter I have ever read. You provided so many ideas, topics, tips, etc, that it’ll take me two weeks to put all of them into practice. I’ll be a life-long member.—Michael

“I have to say, I wish I had joined your organization years ago. I learned more in the first day than I could have imagined! The last two years of struggling to learn things on my own were simply not necessary with CIPA. Thank you for all you do!” —Diana

“Thank you for the terrific newsletters and the videos I’ve seen. These have been very, very helpful. No one else has been as helpful.” —Karen

“CIPA has been the most helpful resource for self-publishers I have found. Thank you for the monthly journal and the videos.” —Kathy

“Membership with the CIPA has been a worthwhile investment; I am able to keep abreast of the ongoing trends in the publishing business and obtain additional support and information specifically relating to my marketing efforts.” —Karen

“CIPA is the go-to place for indie-pub authors like me who need to learn the ins-and-outs of marketing, branding, and platform building to move your book into the broader marketplace. This group is a goldmine of network connections and step-by-step teaching.” —Kathryn

“CIPA is outstanding!” —Jeff

“I just placed an order with Ingram Spark and applied the CSPA discount code. I am very thankful for the discount code as it has more than paid for my CSPA membership.” —Rachael

“Thank you for all the hard work that you do.  It is really rare to find someone so conscientious about their company/job. You respond quickly and courteously. I’ve been in business for over 35 years and I’ve found that today, those traits can be a rare commodity. It makes my job easier when I can trust the people I work with.”

“The month I advertised in the consumer eblast was one of my best months for book sales” —Crista

“The benefits I have already reaped from membership in CSPA have far surpassed the membership fee.  CSPA has far exceeded my expectations in terms of the outstanding resources you provide for authors. Many blessings as you continue to serve Christian authors and publishers!” —MaryAnn

“Thank you for all the valuable information that you send through the monthly CSPA newsletter. The information has been interesting as well as helpful.” —Betty

“Thank you very much for the BookCrash service. It has been worth so much to my books.” —Julia

“Your on-demand seminar How to Create a Professional-Looking Book was a light in the dark.” —Lawrence

“I made so many wonderful contacts at the ICRS. Thank you. I think going to the ICRS was the best marketing money I have spent in this whole process so far!” —Lori

“I think you do a fantastic job in compiling relevant, helpful information for the CSPA Circular and presenting it in a concise and compelling way. I get a lot of newsletter and yours is one I make a point to read from beginning to end.” —David

“The help you provide has been one of the highlights of my publishing experience. Thank you for your excellent work and the support you supply to small publishers.” —Jim

“I really enjoy reading the CSPA newsletters. It’s helping me keep up with publishing trends and discover new ideas for marketing. Thanks for all your hard work!” —Daniel

BookCrash helps drive sales. The day one reviewer posted her review, Amazon sold 10 or 11 copies of our book!” —Paul

“I received $75 worth of information in the first CSPA Circular!” —Sam

“We are very impressed with the materials and insight we have received from CSPA.” —Carol

“The CSPA dues are worth every cent to be a part of your organization. Keep up the great work!” —Lisa

“Thank you for CSPA—it is the best single asset I have as a Christian publisher, bar none.” —Joseph

“Thank you for your good work in making CSPA so useful to a small publisher. [It] has been a huge benefit for us.” —Randall

“I just wanted to write and personally thank you for the invaluable information contained within the CSPA monthly newsletter. It never ceases to amaze me how many tips and general info bits I can glean from this wonderful resource.” —Deb

“I think I would pay dues even if I wasn’t a small Christian publisher—your organization is so excellent. Thanks for the professionalism, demonstrating that Christians too can exhibit excellence.” —Joseph G.

“The newsletter for the Christian Small Publishers Association is worth the price of membership all by itself—we get gems from every issue. Thanks for what you are doing for the industry!” —Melanie

“I am so pleased that I joined CSPA. Just this week, I read about joining the Christian Books & More database. The lady saw that I was a CSPA member from my website and automatically included my books. I do not think it would have been that easy if I was not a CSPA member. Also, I have been in contact with Chris Johnson at Christian Retailing— she too found that I was a CSPA member which paved the way for including my book announcement in the Christian Retailing magazine. Two great benefits right there!!” —Tom

“By the way, your monthly news letter is wonderful, and is supplying us with some much needed information in these, the days of our publishing infancy.” —George

“Just wanted to say, Wow! What a great newsletter. I’m so glad I joined the CSPA. I’m looking forward to being a member.” —Nicola

“I also want to thank you for the CSPA Circulars which we have found to be of extraordinary quality and full of ideas and leads that prime my ‘to do’ list every time I read one. I actually take notes. Keep up the GREAT work you are doing for members of CSPA. I really enjoyed the Atlanta show and learned a lot from going.” —Gayle

“Your circular should have a subtitle: Lots of Cool Stuff. I’ve gotten so many newsletter-type things for ‘small publishers’ over the last few years and the majority of them really are geared toward medium-sized publishers or people who want to find 100s more ways to do radio interviews. However, your circular truly has some good/helpful ideas!” —Terry

“Thank you for the fantastic resource CSPA provides my small publishing effort. As a new publisher in a new and unfamiliar market area, CSPA provides me a trusted source of information, ideas, and direction. I greatly appreciate your help!” —Joe

“You are providing a great service with your roadmap to success in the Christian publishing market.” —Annie

“I just received our copies of the 2009 Catalog and wanted to convey my appreciation. The catalog is beautiful — your best yet. I’m very pleased with our ad and the total look of the product. Thank you for a professional, well done advertising opportunity.” —Janet

“Your monthly newsletters are the best!” —Kevin

“I recently cut back on association memberships, but CSPA remains my undisputed, first-choice professional association. You do a great job. Wish I had joined earlier.” —Clay

“As a new member, we have been extremely impressed with both the professionalism and the breadth of services from the CPSA. We are just getting started as a company and you have been a huge help. This newsletter is a perfect example of the richness and depth of the information and support you offer. It is far beyond our expectations. Every Christian small publisher should be a member.” —Tim