Authors Seeking Publishers

If you are an author seeking a Christian publisher for your manuscript, the companies listed below are currently looking for new talent.

Please visit the publisher’s website for guidelines and information on how to submit a manuscript for consideration.

CIPA does not represent these publishers in this capacity,
nor can we answer any questions about their policies.

Alive Publications

Accepting manuscripts in the categories of: Prayer, Christian Living, Spiritual Growth.

Alive Publications is an independent small publisher established in 2010 that specializes in prayer and prayer-evangelism resources for individuals, small groups and local churches. We provide layout services, proofreading, cover design and oversee the printing process

Contact: Laura Stamey at email
Telephone: 855-842-5483

Capture Books

Accepting manuscripts in the categories of: We like to go deep and wide when it comes to genres. We want to see genuine literary quality with great thoughts, poignant descriptions or conversations, and a thoughtful, quotable, turn of phrase.

Capture Books is a Colorado based boutique publishing group in the hybrid category.  We coach great writers to become marketing entrepreneurs, providing resources. Manuscripts go through rounds of edits,
obtain great covers, and book descriptions. We craft book descriptions and schedule a launch to make the book available to libraries, book clubs, and retailers.

Contact: Laura Bartnick at email

Certa Publishing

Accepting manuscripts in the following categories: Christian Living, Inspirational, Spiritual Growth, Devotional, Children’s.

Certa Publishing helps authors not only publish and print quality books, but also push their books into the appropriate markets, providing authors with the most current book marketing opportunities available. Our company has an absolute foundation of customer service, with efficiency, speed, and expertise delivered to each customer.

Contact: Matt Landeer at email
Telephone: 855-772-3782 (855-77-CERTA)

Counselor’s Heart Publishing

Counselor’s Heart Publishing is seeking manuscripts from counselors in the self-help or personal growth areas.

10qaa Publishing, an imprint of Counselor’s Heart Publishing
10qaa Publishing is seeking non-fiction short-read informational books on almost any topic, Christian or secular. Books will need to fit into the format of our brand: 10 Questions – Asked & Answered. See website for details and examples.
Telephone: 815-757-1969

CrossLink Publishing

Accepting manuscripts in the following categories: Bible Studies, Inspirational, Meditations, and Spiritual Growth.

CrossLink’s focus is to provide authentic and compelling resources for small groups and bible study. A traditional royalty-based publisher, CrossLink provides a very author friendly and transparent publishing process, leveraging technology from online manuscript submission to an author portal to track sales and royalties.

Contact: Rick Bates at email
Telephone: 888-697-4851

eLectio Publishing

Accepting manuscripts in all categories.

eLectio Publishing is a traditional, independent press which seeks both established and first-time authors for publication, for both Christian and clean secular manuscripts. We have a standard submission process; please visit our website for more information and submission guidelines, including our FAQ section.

Contact: email

First Steps Publishing

Accepting manuscripts in the following categories: Fiction: Adventure, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Fantasy; Nonfiction: Adventure / True Story, Memoir, Biography, Military / War, Historical, Creative NonFiction.

First Steps Publishing goal is to publish books of high quality, including those that may have trouble finding homes in traditional markets. We love working with authors who are passionate about their work, willing to work hard and have a desire to publish to the world. We accept online submissions only. Please go to our website for more information and to submit a proposal.
Telephone: 541-961-7641

Halo Publishing Inc.

Accepting manuscripts in the following categories: spiritual, faith-based, adult fiction & children’s.

Since 2002, HPI has helped many authors achieve their book publishing goals. Publishing a book with HPI means you’ll be guided through the entire process, from choosing the best book publishing options to utilizing the most effective marketing tools. All this and, as an author, you still retain all the rights and control decisions surrounding the publishing your book.

Contact: Lisa Umina at email
Telephone: 877-705-9647

Pearly Gates Publishing LLC

Accepting manuscripts in the following categories: Anthologies, Autobiographies, Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction, Marriage & Family, and Poetry

Pearly Gates Publishing offers affordable pricing and high royalties. Our staff provides one-on-one support, to include unique cover designs, substantive editing, formatting for print and digital, marketing, distribution, and more. Visit our website today to view pricing and to submit your manuscript for consideration!

Contact: Angela Edwards at
Telephone: 1-833-PGP-BOOK(s) | 1-833-747-2665 OR 832-328-0788

RWG Publishing

Accepting manuscripts in the most categories. We love to help people get their words available to the world.

Revival Waves of Glory’s (RWG) focus is to provide more options to be published. We do traditional paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks, and ebooks. A traditional royalty-based publisher that offers self-publishing options, Revival Waves provides an author-friendly and transparent publishing process, with President Bill Vincent involved in the full process of your book.

Contact: Bill Vincent at email

Truth Book Publisher

Our company is family owned. Our printing is done in-house. Everything is done in the US and most paper that is from the US as well. We give each author our special attention. Each author is unique thus we never do generic covers or any other part of the book process. Everything is custom made for that author. We are looking for people who are mission minded, who want to help the body of Christ. Genre can be anything that will fulfill these needs, i.e., non-fiction, fiction, bible study, etc.