Trade Shows

For a small publisher or author, attending a trade show can be prohibitively expensive. Booth space, furnishings, air fare and lodging, it all adds up. CIPA helps small publishers and independent authors get exposure at a fraction of the cost. To have your products displayed and marketed by CIPA at a trade show, you must become a member.


CPE: Christian Product Expo International 2020

August 23–25, 2020 | Wilmington, DE

CIPA will provide trade show representation for CIPA Members at CPE International 2020. CIPA Members can receive exposure for their books with independent Christian retailers at an affordable price. We have space to represent 20 books. Members who are exhibiting book(s) can also attend the show with us. This is a great chance to showcase your books to Christian retail buyers.

Click here to apply for trade-show representation.


NRB 2020: Christian Media Convention

February 25–28, 2020 | Nashville, TN

CIPA represents our members at the NRB Convention, the world’s largest gathering of Christian communicators, and offers a unique opportunity to reach media and ministry professionals.

Click here to apply for trade-show representation.


View pictures from CIPA’s trade-show representation: